About Us

Our mission is to provide the very best all natural products for your beloved BestM8.

BestM8 PetCare is a pet foods, treats and beverages producer based in New Zealand. Our products are formulated to provide the best ingredients and enjoyment for your pet. We are committed to offering the most natural products through extensive research, development and our overall love of animal health and welfare whether canine or feline.

Our range currently includes:

BestM8 Himalayan K9Chew, a digestible low lactose full of protein cheese bar, 100% natural treat made from an original recipe from the Himalayan region of Nepal.

BestM8 Faves are a delicious and healthy 100% raw treat made from natural ingredients, freeze dried to seal in all the goodness to provide a premium quality dog treat for rewarding good behaviour or a favourite tasty snack for your BestM8. Made in New Zealand.